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Max made his first attempt at drawing a person at almost 4 1/2. Better late than never, I guess. But, sheesh, he’s holding out on me!

Max: I don’t know what to draw!

Me: Draw something you know. Draw a person.

Max: I don’t know how to do that. I’ve never done that before.

Me: Well, there’s a head, and a body, and two arms, and two legs.

Max: that’s too hard!

Me: Okay, let’s make it simpler. Draw a head. A head had two eyes, two ears, a node, and a mouth. You can look in the mirror if you need help figuring out where they go.

Max: Fiiiiiinnnnnne!  *sigh* Mommy, I’m not good at this like you. This is the best I can do!

OMG, seriously? The first time??? *facepalm*



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​Max: There’s a green thing in my food.

Me: It’s a pea. And that other stuff is cheese.

Max: I don’t like peas.

Me: It’s one pea, Max. You can handle it.

Max: Why is it there?

Me: Because peas are yummy, and you’re the only one who doesn’t eat them. I guess I missed a few.

Max: It was an accident?

Me: Yes, Max.





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​Max: Can we play with water balloons now?

Me: Sure! But you have to ask yourself: are you ready for water balloons? I can get you really good.

Max: Yeah, I can handle water balloons. Just don’t hit me in the nose.

Me: I wasn’t planning on it…

Max: Yeah, because if you hit me in the nose, it will get wet, and then my boogers will get wet, and when my boogers get wet, they turn into running boogers and they run all over the place!

Running. Boogers. I’m dying.

Road Trip!


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We left early-ish. Well, for us. As you can see, it was too early for the coffee to focus the camera.

Eric and I decided to try leaving the state WITH FAMILY for the first time. We’ve gone on trips before; we’ve even gone to far flung and exotic places. But, never with everyone at once. It’s one of those milestones we experience as parents, the first family road trip. So, how did we fare, traveling with two tweens, an almost pre-k-er, and a toddler? Where on earth did we go? Well, I’ll tell you… Continue reading