Road Trip!


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We left early-ish. Well, for us. As you can see, it was too early for the coffee to focus the camera.

Eric and I decided to try leaving the state WITH FAMILY for the first time. We’ve gone on trips before; we’ve even gone to far flung and exotic places. But, never with everyone at once. It’s one of those milestones we experience as parents, the first family road trip. So, how did we fare, traveling with two tweens, an almost pre-k-er, and a toddler? Where on earth did we go? Well, I’ll tell you… Continue reading

A Day On Governor’s Island


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Disembarking the Governor’s Island ferry offers a gorgeous view of the city.

It’s still about a month of before school starts, and most summer camps are ending soon. If you’re like most of us parents, you’re in a scramble to find fun things for the family to do. 

It’s easy to forget about, but Governor’s Island is just short ferry ride away, and only $2 per adult rider! Plus, due to the many improvement projects happening now on the island, now is a perfect time to go. 

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​Astrid: Can I have some?

Me: But, this is my breakfast. You already had breakfast. I haven’t had anything to eat yet.

Astrid: *takes a bite* First you get a turn, then I get it back!

Me: But, my turn seems to be, I spread Nutella onto my croissant, and your turn is, you eat it, and then you give it back without the Nutella.

Astrid: Yep!

Me: How is that fair?

Astrid: But, mommy, I share with you! Because I love you! 

Me: Can you maybe stop loving me until I’m done with breakfast?

Astrid: Nope!



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​Laine: Hey, I just made up another song! Here it is! *Sings* What do you think?

Cadence: I like it!

Me: That’s actually pretty catchy.

Laine: I think it should be a rap song, and that’s the singing part. Yeah, we need to make it a rap song. Who’s the best rapper here?

Cadence: Mommy.

Laine: Yeah, definitely Mommy. Mommy totally needs to rap in the video.

Me: Wait, what???

These are the bizarro days of our lives…

Nature Art 


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Collecting found objects and creatively arranging and stacking them is a great activity for kids of all ages. It incorporates sensory play, encourages thought on composition, and even incorporates basic physical concepts, such center of gravity in relation to balance, and levers.

Some of the more interesting pitchers involve cantilever elements and precariously balanced elements.

In addition, collecting and working with natural objects starts some great discussions about natural science. We had some interesting conversations about pine trees (conifers) and how they differ from the oak trees (why do some trees have acorns and some have pine cones? What do the pine cones do?)

Combining different textures makes things visually interesting.

Leaving these pieces in the park is like leaving a little gift for others. It’s kind of funny how these unusual little arrangements grab so much attention from passers-by! But, they also teach kids an interesting concept of impermanence and renewal. The sculpture might not be there the next time they go back. Or, it might change. This, too, is part of nature. 


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