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Max: Ooo! What’s that?

Me: It’s trail mix.

Max: I want some! Can I have some?

Me: But, you don’t like nuts.

Max: Yes, I do. I like THOSE nuts.

Me: You pick nuts out of your granola.

Max: Please, Mommy? I want a bag of trail mix, too.

Me: No, I think you’re going to pick out the chocolate chips and leave the rest.

Max: Mommy, I love cashews, and almonds, and those green nuts, and I also love cranberries. I promise I will eat it all.

Me: I don’t know… You always say you’ll eat stuff, and then you don’t.

Max: Please, Mommy? 

Me: Well, what happens if you don’t?

Max: Nothing, because I will eat it ALL.

Me: Fine. *Hands over small bag of trail mix*

Max: *picks out chocolate chips*