We’ve been in the drywall phase. For the past few weeks, it seems, it’s been all about plastering and sanding drywall; it’s annoying, but a necessity for nice walls. I particularly love Doug, our drywall guy. He doesn’t just plaster, he elevated it to an art form.

I’ve told him so, many times. Really nice guy, too, so it’s not terribly hard to have a nice chat while I’m visiting the worksite.
A few days ago, he put himself in charge of helping me with the paint and general decor. Needless to say I was initially a little confused. But, I took him up on it. Interiors aren’t really my thing, so ANYONE’S help, in my opinion, would be a step up. Besides, people tell me I need to accept more help, more often. Long story short, he gave me an autographed copy of his book this morning. So, allow me to introduce you to Designer Doug, Douglas Wilson. LOL I don’t even have to be on Trading Spaces! Yep, I’m that clueless. I’ll take this, after the tile fiasco, though.