Really, Lowe’s manager? You’re going to argue with me about when I placed this order and when I was told it would be ready?

What’s my renovation without another snag? I went to Lowe’s Home Improvement on the Upper West Side over a month ago, asking about some tile availability (City stores are small, suburban folks, so this is an absolute necessity). I calculated that I needed about 21 boxes of a particular tile, and asked one of the department workers there if I needed to start ordering in advance, or if this tile is something they regularly keep a lot of stock of…

He checked the computer, and turn to me and confidently said that they have about 480 boxes in stock, and that I shouldn’t worry; it was something that they regularly had on hand, and that I could come down the same day and take it back with me.

So, silly me, I took his word for it. Fast forward to last Wednesday, when I went into the store to put my order in. The person working the department dropped her jaw, and said that they would have to pull tiles from multiple stores, because they did not have that kind of quantity in stock (it turns out the person looking for me the first time saw 400+ INDIVIDUAL TILES, not boxes of tiles). This is when I began to worry. I asked when the tiles would be in, because my contractor needed them very soon; he was starting the following week on tiling. Lowe’s employee told me that she thought they could come in by Friday, but if not by Friday, definitely by Monday. I told her that would be fine, as long as they came in by Monday. If they couldn’t, I would order from an online supplier that could get them to my apartment sooner.

Well, here we are on Tuesday morning, my contractor goes to Lowe’s to pick up the tiles that should have been there at least by Monday, and there are no tiles anywhere. They tell my contractor that they probably won’t be in until Thursday. He freaked out. *I* freaked out. Recall, I’m supposed to move in on Sunday, and I can’t do that without a bathroom… Which is what needs to be rolled in order to be functional at this point.

THAT, of course, means that I will have to move all six of us YET AGAIN, someplace until the bathroom is finished. My sublet ends on Sunday, no possibility of renewal.

I spoke to every manager I could find. I asked if there was any possible way to get *SOME* of the tiles, so we could at least start and maybe finish up the shower stall. Apparently, they decided that the solution was to reiterate that the tiles had to be pulled from different stores, and how hard it is to pull tiles from different stores, and how I placed the order on Friday (I didn’t), and how I was being unreasonable, etc. Seriously. No matter that does this stuff ALL THE TIME, most of the time, without a hitch. In fact, I have an order from them coming in tomorrow that is being pulled from two different warehouses. You know what? I’m entirely confident that Amazon will be able to pull it off, and I will have two kick scooters in my lobby tomorrow afternoon. But, I digress. Amazon’s awesome. Lowe’s, not so much.

The manager then told me that they had to count the tiles they had in stock to see if they could sell me those. WHY????? WHY DID I SPENT AN HOUR AND A HALF IN THEIR STORE LAST WEDNESDAY, WAITING FOR THEM TO COUNT THEIR TILES, IF THAT DIDN’T MATTER?????

The compromise was that they would get the tiles to me as they came in. Which was my idea in the first place, but damn, whatever. I still have no place to live. Who thinks Lowe’s should put us up in a nice hotel until my bathroom gets finished? I do. Funny how nobody wants to claim responsibility for this, though. *Grumble*