Things muscled forward today. Plumber is still AWOL, but the electricians did a bang up job rewiring things. That job, at least, appears to be halfway done. More of the floorboards have been pulled up. It seems the previous renovation folks both nailed AND glued these suckers down, which makes it really slow going. 

I think that’s mastic. Who does this???

Some interesting finds today include an abandoned ant nest. Whether it’s better to have found an abandoned one or an active one, I’ll leave you to decide. 

Blech. I hate ants.

Yesterday, we found a very old Heineken bottle wedged in between the kitchen pipes (circa late 1990’s). To our contractor’s shock and amusement, it actually had sediment in it. We decided not to open it, so it remains on display, for all to see.

There’s also something else, which I will upload tomorrow, since there were too many people in the way to get a good picture. It’s pretty cool, though. What’s not so cool is that when the kitchen wall came down,  we were looking at the back side of the bathroom wall, and it’s not looking so great. You know how these things go, right? More updates tomorrow. Until then, build upwards!