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One of my eclectic hobbies is piñata making. Here is a magical pumpkin piñata I just finished for a preschool school Halloween party! The preschool director didn’t want any candy inside, so this one will rain down raisin boxes, party favors, and autumn leaves. Unlike store bought piñatas, home made ones burst open with a satisfying crack! They are also “toughness adjustable,” so even younger kids can have a good time. This is important, because the last burst piñata I made, a giant pomegranate, took three angry mothers and an ex-military officer to destroy!

If you live in the New York City area and would like a custom, hand made piñata for your next event, message me! Just about any shape is possible. Upcoming projects for me include acorns, turkeys (roasted and live), and the ever popular dreidels and Christmas trees.