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I saw this link come up on my Twitter feed, and it immediately raised my hopes; finally, some sort of indication that tea drinkers are just as crazy as coffee drinkers. This was the tweet that accompanied the link: “Making tea is not just boiling water and pouring it over a bag”


I read the article. It started out strong, giving as rundown of the different types of tea, the aging process, etc, as well as temperature guidelines, steeping times, and other things. Then, at the end, it undid all the good it set out to do:

“Break the Rules
The times and temps above are general guidelines—delicate teas like white and green will cook at boiling, while hardier black and tisanes can handle higher temps. But each tea is slightly different. Read the instructions on the package, if provided, and feel free to experiment based on your own taste preferences, and patience.”

So, basically, all that stuff? Forget about it. Do whatever makes you happy, you crazy, rainbow chasing, happy-go-lucky fuzzball! Tea drinkers will never have the maniacle, hard core, scientific edge coffee worshippers share. Lucky you. Was that sarcasm, you ask? I don’t know anymore. *sigh*